Robin’s Story


A series of life’s lessons coupled with rescues, is the story of my life. Near disasters, squelched by God’s grace in sending help in the nick of time. He has never left me. Even though, at times, it seemed like I was on my own struggling through life. I am so grateful for the foundation that my parents gave me, Jesus. I have found that throughout life‘s difficulties, the thing that got me through is God, a relationship with Him, trusting Him. When I could no longer carry my burdens by myself, (none of us can – we all need help from time to time) the faith that God will carry me, got me through the tough times.

I have been through and subsequently facilitated, different types of counseling over the course of my journey. It wasn’t until I experienced Pray Counseling that the devil’s hold on me began to release. My past did not have a hold on me. My present way was clearing and my future held hope. I would pray, “One day maybe I can help others like the Prayer Counselor had helped me”. Life issues continue but the hold on me has loosened and I am now free to see, feel and depend on God.

So, it is through these trying experiences, my own need for counseling and a strong educational foundation that I came to use what I have learned to helped others.

"I have had problems for many years with self-esteem, and so after much soul searching, I sought a life coach. By the grace of God I found Robin, through many sessions she gently listened and helped me see the value in my life. She helped me with confidence so I was eventually able to talk to others, even past acquaintances; without putting my head down, and saying to myself, “they will not like me.” I had damaging images of myself, from my size, to feelings of not being educated enough, also that my home not being good enough for visitors, and so on. Robin had a very personal and professional way of putting me at ease enough that I was able to see myself as equal to others. It has taken a while for me to become friendly, and not feel so inferior to others."

Sally Pepper

"The first time I truly felt I had forgiven my husband was after about the 3rd or 4th session with prayer coaching. it was also then that I discovered other, many other people and events that kept me from being free. Honestly, I did not really think that this method would be any different then any other, but it was different and I am glad I gave it a try. Through work with Robin, I discovered trust and abandonment fears that went way back to early childhood. My choices are more deliberate rather than letting things just happen."

Anna Michelle

"Robin is a truly amazing life coach! She is both empathic and professional. My sessions with her helped me move forward in life during a difficult time when I just had no clue what to do next. She has a versatile tool box that can help anyone gain clarity, make great change and create next steps all while providing a supportive ear – I felt like I was talking to a wise, funny friend. Highly recommend!"

Erika Z

"This whole COVID-19 has not been easy on any of us. Never in my wildest dreams could I have come up with what has transpired this past year and continues world wide. So much uncertainty for all of us. It is a life line to have someone to talk to about my concerns. I would recommend Robin to anyone."

Mark A

"Losses. There has been too many losses in my life. Death of many. loss of innocence, divorce, rejection and abandontment Rape. loss of self and and and Rock bottom. That is when someone told me to try life coaching with Robin. I don't trust easily but Robin made me feel safe and comfortable almost like I have known her for a long time. Thank you for helping me through each bump in the road or kick in the teeth. "

Michelle R

"I have never felt loved. Truly loved. Robin worked along side me to fix all that. What I mean is, together we prayed and found scripture then was able to define what love looked like to me. Bleak and not so good. I kept allowing men and female friends that would cut me down and make me feel smaller then I already felt. Now, love looks way different. I am learning to value me. I know i have a long way to get there...but I am looking up and not down anymore. child of God age 22"

Meghan B


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